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All members are required to agree and sign the following to join the IAA


IAA’s purpose is to establish a network of inventors, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and distributors; to develop programs to acquaint inventors & entrepreneurs with the various forms of assistance from governmental and private sources; engage in activities intended to facilitate and accelerate successful market entry of its members’ inventions; support public and private school programs on creativity and innovation; affiliate with one or more not-for-profit inventors & entrepreneurial associations having a regional, national, or international scope, and engage in other activities consistent with the forgoing objectives, the general not-for-profit corporation laws of Arizona and section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or corresponding provisions of any future Arizona law and/or United States law which supplants or supplements these statues.

I will not, as an individual, or as a representative of any company or corporation, in any way, make, use sell, divulge, duplicate, or capitalize on any idea or invention that is not mine. I understand the necessity to keep all ideas, concepts or inventions confidential, without first obtaining a signed, written approval from the original inventor.

Any work contracted with a member, or member service provider, will be paid for in a timely manner. Terms of any agreement will be adhered to whether it is verbal or written. Work contracted and completed must be paid for “as agreed”.

I will not misrepresent myself as a fully paid member of the IAA in order to take advantage of membership discounts.

I understand failure to live up to the above rules of conduct shall be cause for permanent expulsion or exclusion. The Executive Committee of the IAA Board of Directors will make that decision only after a review of testimony has been given by all parties involved.

If expulsion or exclusion is necessary as directed by the IAA Board of Directors, no refunds of membership fees will be issued. All confidentiality agreements stay in force even after IAA membership has been terminated.

My membership fee shall be paid in full on or before I attend a “closed-door” session.

Microsoft Word – IAA Membership Application.doc


This Agreement is between the Inventors Association of Arizona, Inc. (IAA), an Arizona corporation having its principal place of business in Phoenix, Arizona, USA (mailing address of: PO Box 5231, Scottsdale, AZ 85261) and;

an individual inventor (Inventor) and is effective as of the dates set forth below beneath the signatures of the parties.

Inventor has an interest in joining the IAA to receive informational material concerning the process of protecting and commercializing inventions. During the course of interaction with the IAA and its members, inventor is likely to learn about documents, business plans, marketing plans, display materials, processes, and prototypes (collectively “Confidential Information”).

Accordingly, in consideration of being provided such Confidential Information, Inventor hereby agrees to keep all such information in confidence and to treat the information with the degree of care accorded with any proprietary and/or confidential information of like structure.

No license is conveyed hereby which would permit inventor, simply by virtue of this Agreement, to manufacture or have manufactured any product based on Confidential Information on Inventor’s own behalf or for a third party, or to use the Confidential Information conveyed hereunder, or otherwise practice the teachings of the Confidential Information in the manufacture, use and/or sale of a product.

Confidential Information does not include information which:

a)  was publicly known at the time the Confidential Information was made available to Inventor, or subsequently becomes publicly known through no fault of Inventor; or

b)  was demonstrably already known to Inventor at the time the Confidential Information was made available to Inventor by the IAA; or

c)  becomes available, without a breach of this Agreement, to Inventor from a source other than the IAA.